Over 30,000 people are killed each year in the US by drunk drivers – and far more than that are seriously injured.

Though no amount of money can completely compensate for the personal injuries suffered in an automobile or truck accident, putting the pieces back together often means digging up hidden sources of insurance coverage.

With so much on their plates in the aftermath of a serious injury, the last thing on an injury victim’s mind is the mechanics of insurance coverage. The fact that businesses and people other than the negligent driver may be obligated to pay money to the crash victim is just one more detail that commonly escapes notice.

So when Sandra Chance of Marlette lost control while drunk driving, crashed and killed her four passengers – Brian J. Reindardt of Troy; Jeremy Smith of North Branch; Gean R. Jones of Marlette; and Jason C. Shelton of Kingston – it is hardly a surprise that no investigation was launched seeking collateral sources of insurance coverage.

Such an investigation is a critical component of complete justice. That is because an automobile accident victim who was injured by a drunk driver may be able to sue the business or bar which sold or served liquor to the negligent driver – provided that the driver was visibly intoxicated at the time. That type of lawsuit is called a “Dram Shop Action”. Businesses which serve liquor are required to carry negligence insurance. Albuquerque car crash lawyer can bring justice for you in such situation.

Another source of additional negligence insurance may be the homeowner’s insurance of a private person who served liquor to a visibly drunk person.

Pitfalls to bringing claims like that are the short notice requirements. Miss a deadline and your claim may be lost forever.