A Client’s Injury

In this case, the victim was able to print out the text messages and verify that they were sent from Steve’s phone number. She stated that the texts she printed off were the ones that she received. She also stated that the prints were an accurate and fair representation of the text messages that she received. The Court of Appeals affirmed that the text messages were sent by Steve.

Our criminal defense firm is committed to helping people who have filed personal injury claims. We assist clients who live throughout the United states. We have also counseled law firms. We were able to secure the second-largest personal injury settlement in Colorado back in 2016

Our client was hurt in a car accident after being struck by another driver. The driver was attempting to make a U-turn. The woman’s car rolled over several times. Staten island nursing home abuse lawyer presented the case in front of people who were between the ages of 20 and 29. Most of the jurors were single and did not have any children. We were able to secure a $52,000 settlement for the client. We had prepared the case for three years.

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