In a recent post, we talked about the tragic bus accident that occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike and killed two people, including the driver, and injured 40 others. This accident came shortly after another “Chinatown bus” crash resulted in the wrongful death of 15 people, causing many to wonder why these crashes have become so frequent.

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Transportation with help from Shreveport semi-truck accident lawyers, Super Luxury Tours, the company whose bus crashed on the Turnpike, has one of the worst safety records in the nation. In fact, the report shows that the company is worse than 99.6 percent of all bus companies in the U.S.

The report by a Car accident lawyer showed that the company’s drivers have a history of safety violations and other mishaps that put riders in danger. In the past two years, drivers had six citations for speeding and three for not obeying traffic signals. The report also showed that the company’s 16 drivers were involved in four accidents. Two of those accidents resulted in injuries. The report also stated that some drivers had difficulty understanding some basic English commands.

Despite an extremely poor record, the bus company continues to transport passengers between East Coast cities at budget prices. The company totaled over 2.2 million miles of driving last year.

The New Jersey bus accident and others that have occurred recently show how important it is that bus companies properly maintain their vehicles and train their drivers to be as safe as possible. Each person that rides one of these buses puts his or her life in the hands of the driver, making it extremely important that drivers understand traffic rules and consistently obey them.

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