Radley Balko, a senior editor at Reason Magazine, recently wrote an article in which he called for the abolition of DUI laws across the United States. While he notes that the idea “sounds radical at first blush,” the reasons he presents for doing so are undeniably thought provoking. We present them here.

First, the idea behind a precise measurement of drunk behavior – i.e., 0.08 – is arbitrary and illogical. People react differently to alcohol. Moreover, impairment also depends on other variables, such as medications a person is taking, whether he or she is sleep deprived, whether the motorist is agitated or enraged for reasons having nothing to do with alcohol, and so forth.
Second, Balko points to enforcement tools, such as sobriety checkpoints, as being ineffectual. He notes that, interestingly, alcohol-related fatalities across the country actually increased following the nationwide 0.08 standard that took effect in 2000, reversing a 20-year trend. The reason why, he posits, is that because people with a BAC under .10 – the older standard – don’t typically drive erratically enough to be noticed by cops. Police thus began instituting checkpoints – now lawful in 37 states – to catch them. In doing so, police departments commonly commit substantial resources, which brings forth this comment from Balko: “Every cop manning a roadblock … is a cop not on the highways looking for more seriously impaired motorists.”

One DUI expert calls checkpoints “the drunk driving exception to the Constitution,” with an officer’s right to immediately suspend a driver’s license for refusal to take a breath test representing a strong exception to an individual’s 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Third, the focus is simply wrong when it is on the drinking per se and not on impairment. It ignores what numerous studies are now telling us, that other driving behaviors can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving – and sometimes more dangerous. As a motorist, would you rather be driving beside a person who had one drink shortly before or a motorist who is busily engaged in texting? Or shouting at his or her kids in the car? Or playing with a pet?

Balko’s point is this: Punish reckless driving, whether it is caused by talking on a cell phone, eating, changing a CD, having a bad day – or drinking. That will put the focus back on where it belongs – the impairment. It will also “repair some of the civil-liberties damage done by the invasive powers the government says it needs to catch and convict drunk drivers.”

Last, it will add needed consistency to our laws, which Balko says “treat a driver with a BAC of 0.08 much more harshly than a driver distracted by his kids or a cell phone, despite similar levels of impairment.”

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In a recent post, we talked about the tragic bus accident that occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike and killed two people, including the driver, and injured 40 others. This accident came shortly after another “Chinatown bus” crash resulted in the wrongful death of 15 people, causing many to wonder why these crashes have become so frequent.

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Transportation with help from Shreveport semi-truck accident lawyers, Super Luxury Tours, the company whose bus crashed on the Turnpike, has one of the worst safety records in the nation. In fact, the report shows that the company is worse than 99.6 percent of all bus companies in the U.S.

The report by a Car accident lawyer showed that the company’s drivers have a history of safety violations and other mishaps that put riders in danger. In the past two years, drivers had six citations for speeding and three for not obeying traffic signals. The report also showed that the company’s 16 drivers were involved in four accidents. Two of those accidents resulted in injuries. The report also stated that some drivers had difficulty understanding some basic English commands.

Despite an extremely poor record, the bus company continues to transport passengers between East Coast cities at budget prices. The company totaled over 2.2 million miles of driving last year.

The New Jersey bus accident and others that have occurred recently show how important it is that bus companies properly maintain their vehicles and train their drivers to be as safe as possible. Each person that rides one of these buses puts his or her life in the hands of the driver, making it extremely important that drivers understand traffic rules and consistently obey them.

Construction accidents can leave a worker seriously injured and possibly unable to continue working. There are many potential causes of construction accidents and many accidents in California are the result of an employer’s failure to take the appropriate measures to ensure that a workplace is safe. Often employers are aware of the federal safety regulations but choose to ignore these guidelines to increase their profit margins at their employees’ expense.

One construction company was recently fined by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration for maintaining an extremely dangerous worksite that contained several serious workplace safety violations. Unfortunately this company’s safety violations are not unique and many construction workers are injured before OSHA inspectors became involved.

The violations were found at a construction site for a bridge project and included serious fall hazards. OSHA has increased its inspection of similar construction sites throughout the country because of the high-hazard nature of the construction industry. An Employment lawyer in Los Angeles understand these type of cases.

OSHA inspectors at the construction site also found that the bidirectional machines at the site did not have working horns to warn workers. High-visibility materials did not mark the top rails of a guardrail system at the site and machines had deficient lockout/tagout systems. This means that the machines could have experienced unexpected startups that injured others.

“The construction industry continues to remain one of the most dangerous, and heavy highway and bridge work entails a variety of unique hazards,” said Lisa Levy, an OSHA office director. “The company needs to ensure that violations of this nature are not repeated.”

The total penalties and fines against the company were $41,580. For more information contact Lakewood personal injury attorney.

Think about once the insurance provider returns by having an offer:

Is that this enough cash to pay for all medical costs that are potential?

Does this completely pay me for the salaries I’ve skipped because of my accidents?

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You’ve been with this particular incident through a great deal. You what we’re likely to work toward for you, and deserve to become completely paid.

Excellent women and men who struggled for that privileges of each National who arrived after them constructed your nation. We benefit from the liberties we do due to their compromise nowadays. But when these were living today, they’d tell the battle wasn’t probably the most challenging section of their innovation to you. Standing was.

You observe, every battle for justice demands somebody standing for somebody who is reluctant to back. Exactly the same holds true for injury situations. You’ve a great deal at shed if you’ve been hurt in a vehicle accident, and also all of the cards are held by the insurance provider. They’ll know what your accidents are worth centered on their pursuits, & most frequently that quantity won’t actually be near should you allow them. You’ve could not feel just like you’ve any fight and experienced a great deal currently. However, you don’t need to combat. All you’ve got to complete is operate .

It’s the long-day at work’s conclusion. You move onto the practice, nervous to obtain property for your household. You’ve obtained this journey countless occasions without event, but that all is going to change.

In Northern California, a commuter train derailed on March 7, injuring eight individuals. The ensuing and effect debris was therefore severe that the Alameda County Sheriff Office representative stated it had been “a complete wonder that no body was killed.” that truth is small convenience to people who were significantly hurt within the event Though we’re grateful no body was murdered. The toughest component is simply starting, making a large amount of unfamiliar concerns to them.

Your costs won’t finish together with your hospital stay; who’s likely to purchase therapy that is continuing? You’re not likely to be able as you 17recover to function; who’s likely to pay you for missing earnings? You’ve been existence, through a disturbing -changing occasion; who ought to be held accountable for suffering and your discomfort?

There’s a term available used-to strike a tax law firm named “jackpot justice.” wrapped-up in these two phrases really are a sponsor of allegations targeted at the profession itself. The expression describes the intended greed by benefiting from the appropriate process of incident patients and attorneys seeking to money in on sad occasions. Individuals offering that expression will often have illustrations their sleeves up jackpot justice and to prove lawsuits really are a genuine issue within our court program. The main situation they indicate may be the McDonald’s warm coffee suit, where a lady charged the junk food organization for thousands and built hot caffeine on himself.

According to the Brain Injury Association of Oregon, about 20,000 state residents suffer a brain injury every year. The national number is about 1.7 million. In the active military, more than 9,800 traumatic brain injuries were reported in the first quarter of 2011, more than 31,000 during 2010.
A new study by Sacramento brain injury attorney says these TBI victims are twice as likely to develop dementia as people without TBI.
The Federal way personal injury lawyers researchers looked at medical records of about 300,000 war veterans age 55 or older who did not have dementia at the beginning of the study period. From those records, they identified about 6,000 — 2 percent — who had suffered a TBI, and are losing employment because of it as well. The records included initial inpatient or outpatient visits and follow-up visits, allowing the researchers to track the progress of the veterans.
TBI patients showed a 15 percent risk of developing dementia later in life. Non-TBI patients had just a 7 percent risk.
The link between dementia and TBI has been suspected for some time. By quantifying the risk in this study, researchers hope to encourage additional study of early interventions on the long-term cognitive health of patients.
One reason TBI is so often in the news — and research is so often funded — is the number of military personnel who have suffered head injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan. Almost a quarter of all injuries in those theaters are TBIs; almost 60 percent of blast-related injuries (including IEDs) are TBIs.
In 2010, about 80 percent of the TBIs were classified as “mild.” It was unclear from reports if the study examined the risk of dementia in patients with different levels of TBI. A Lakeland defense attorney understands medical malpractice laws in addition to many other areas of law.

In this case, the victim was able to print out the text messages and verify that they were sent from Steve’s phone number. She stated that the texts she printed off were the ones that she received. She also stated that the prints were an accurate and fair representation of the text messages that she received. The Court of Appeals affirmed that the text messages were sent by Steve.

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Our client was hurt in a car accident after being struck by another driver. The driver was attempting to make a U-turn. The woman’s car rolled over several times. Staten island nursing home abuse lawyer presented the case in front of people who were between the ages of 20 and 29. Most of the jurors were single and did not have any children. We were able to secure a $52,000 settlement for the client. We had prepared the case for three years.

Wednesday started out as a workday, just like any other workday. A construction worker reported to the job site to pursues the tasks of the day. But in an instant, the circumstances rapidly changed for the worker. A 41-year-old Vernon man sustained serious work-related injuries Wednesday morning.
The construction worker showed up at a construction site along Route 57. Materials were being delivered to the construction site that morning. A delivery truck was parked, ready to have materials off-loaded when a tragic New Jersey construction accident occurred.
The 41-year-old worker was piling bundles of wood to elevate a pallet for a forklift. The worker was placing some wood under the pallet to reach the forks. The forklift operator was not present at the time the accident occurred.
While stacking the wood near the forklift and delivery truck, the forklift began to move. Police say the forklift, for an unknown reason, was left in drive. While widening the forks on the machinery, the forklift moved into the worker. The 41-year-old became trapped between the forklift and the delivery truck. It is not known how long the worker was trapped.
Police and emergency personnel were dispatched to the Route 57 site. Upon arrival, they found the worker on the ground, conscious and alert. The worker was experiencing abdominal pain from being trapped by the forklift.
Emergency crews originally transported the 41-year-old to Hackettstown Regional Medical Center. The worker was picked up at Hackettstown and airlifted to Morristown Memorial Hospital for treatment for stomach injuries.
While worker’s compensation law governs compensation between an employer and employee for work-related injuries, third-party claims are addressed under personal injury law. A Monroe, LA criminal defense lawyer will be able to handle these types of cases and more. Don’t hesitate to contact one today!

Pedestrians can suffer great harm when they are struck by motor vehicles. Sometimes, such accidents result in pedestrians suffering head injuries. Such injuries can be very serious and can have a variety of negative impacts on a person. Take emergency help from Orlando motorcycle accident lawyer for such issue.

Recently, a car vs. pedestrian accident occurred in California which resulted in a man suffering a head injury.

The accident occurred last Saturday. Reportedly, that night, a 62-year-old man was crossing a road in San Francisco. Allegedly, an SUV then hit the man. According to Personal injury attorney in Sacramento, the SUV drove off after this car vs. pedestrian accident occurred. Authorities reportedly are in the process of trying to find the SUV and its driver.
Whatever the situation, Sutliff & Stout Austin Car Accident Attorneys know how to investigate the facts and present your side of the story in court – to the prosecutor, the judge and possibly a jury.

According to the SF Appeal, the 62-year-old man who was crossing the road suffered a head injury in this car vs. pedestrian accident. The injury the man suffered reportedly is critical in nature. The man was taken to a hospital in the area after the accident occurred.

As this incident illustrates, car vs. pedestrian accidents can result in pedestrians sustaining serious injuries, such as head injuries. Injured pedestrians or their family should not hesitate to contact a Auto accident lawyer.

Because car vs. pedestrian accidents can be so harmful, it is very important for motor vehicle drivers in California to do everything they reasonably can to prevent car vs. pedestrian accidents when out on the roads. This includes watching for pedestrians when driving. It also includes exercising appropriate care when driving in areas where pedestrians are present. If motor vehicle drivers fail to do these things, they could be putting pedestrians in harm’s way.

A 52-year-old garbage collector had worked for his employer for more than 20 years. He was operating his truck in 2007 when the right front hub of the truck fractured. This caused the front wheel to fall off while he was driving the truck.

As a result of the defective equipment, the truck driver was involved in a truck accident on the job. The truck driver suffered a compression injury to his spine. He had to undergo several surgeries on his back, but he remains in pain and unable to work. He should talk to a Car accident lawyer for legal advocacy.

He brought a car accident lawsuit with the help of Beverly Hills personal injury attorney against the hub manufacturer, the cab and chassis manufacturer and the truck modifier, claiming that these companies knew as early as 2004 that the hubs were not fit to carry the weight they were rated for, but failed to warn consumers. He argued that this failure was negligent considering that there were 15,000 to 25,000 defective hubs on registered trucks throughout the United States. Since the manufacturers knew of the risks, they had the duty to warn the owners and operators of the trucks.

In their defense, the defendants argued that the garbage company was to blame for overloading the truck. According to the defense’s Car accident lawyer, cracks in the hub were present before the wheel fell off which should have been detected by the garbage company prior to the truck accident.

A federal jury in California determined that the hub manufacturer was the majority at fault, while the cab and chassis manufacturer was 30 percent to blame, and the truck modifier was one percent at fault. Interestingly, the garbage company was not included as a defendant in this case, but was found to be six percent at fault.

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The garbage collector was awarded almost $10 million for past and future medical expenses, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering. His wife was awarded $1.5 million for loss of consortium.

It is important for retailers to provide customers with an environment free of slipping hazards. It is particularly important for retailers to prevent these hazards from developing in a store’s entrance, due to the high amount of foot traffic that is generally connected to this area. Recently, in Louisiana, a woman has accused a store of negligently allowing a slipping hazard to develop in its entrance. Queens nursing home and neglect attorney is  available to provide legal advocacy in this case.

The case involves a store in Hammond, Louisiana. Allegedly, on February 4, 2010, a slip and fall accident occurred involving a female customer of the store. The woman claims that, on the day of the accident, a pool of water had developed in the store’s entrance. The woman alleges that she slipped on this water and fell.

The woman claims that the store was negligent in several ways in connection to the entrance. First, she alleges that the store was not using proper procedures to monitor the condition of the entrance. Second, she claims that the store failed to use a proper amount of matting in the entrance. Finally, she alleges that the store failed to take action to clean up the pool of water or warn customers of its presence.

The woman alleges that the slip and fall accident caused her to suffer injuries to her back, neck and wrist. The woman has now brought a lawsuit against the store, claiming that its negligence led to her accident and injuries. Looking for sex crime defense Dallas, TX? Contact us!

The allegations in this case show how important it is for stores to ensure that their entrances are safe for customers. To do this, stores should take steps to prevent slipping hazards from developing in entrances and have and use clear procedures for promptly spotting and removing any slipping hazards which do develop.