Store sued for negligence in connection to entrance

It is important for retailers to provide customers with an environment free of slipping hazards. It is particularly important for retailers to prevent these hazards from developing in a store’s entrance, due to the high amount of foot traffic that is generally connected to this area. Recently, in Louisiana, a woman has accused a store of negligently allowing a slipping hazard to develop in its entrance.

The case involves a store in Hammond, Louisiana. Allegedly, on February 4, 2010, a slip and fall accident occurred involving a female customer of the store. The woman claims that, on the day of the accident, a pool of water had developed in the store’s entrance. The woman alleges that she slipped on this water and fell.

The woman claims that the store was negligent in several ways in connection to the entrance. First, she alleges that the store was not using proper procedures to monitor the condition of the entrance. Second, she claims that the store failed to use a proper amount of matting in the entrance. Finally, she alleges that the store failed to take action to clean up the pool of water or warn customers of its presence.

The woman alleges that the slip and fall accident caused her to suffer injuries to her back, neck and wrist. The woman has now brought a lawsuit against the store, claiming that its negligence led to her accident and injuries. Looking for sex crime defense Dallas, TX? Contact us!

The allegations in this case show how important it is for stores to ensure that their entrances are safe for customers. To do this, stores should take steps to prevent slipping hazards from developing in entrances and have and use clear procedures for promptly spotting and removing any slipping hazards which do develop.

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